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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Starting on my Cabinets!

It has been a long time coming, but my kitchen cabinets are so close to being refinished and looking fresher than ever! I have all my materials and tools and myself psyched for this big project. 

I started today by using a flat blade to get all the existing (and not-so-effective) door bumpers off. 
Then, I started cleaning. 
I am excited to share a new product with you. It's called TSP and maybe you've heard of it. I never had before visiting this website in preparation for doing my cabinets.
It's a heavy duty cleaner that comes in granular form and you add it to warm water. It works incredibly at getting the dirt and grime off the cabinets and I also had a good time cleaning my house walls. It's relatively cheap and it definitely worked better than anything I have ever used before. 
It would be great also for preparing any hard-surface furniture for refinishing.

After I finish cleaning all of the cabinets, my next step is deglosser.
I'm excited to share my photos as I make my kitchen beautiful!