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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Homemade Cards - Block Printing

Mass production of a unique piece of art made by you - block printing. 
This was a new concept for me and a very rewarding one. I received a Speedball Block Printing Kit for Christmas last year, and I've been thinking all year about what I wanted to carve into the block.
I penciled my design on paper, transferred it onto the block, carved out the white space and made my own mini printing press. The carving took some patience and time (and a few cuts on my fingers), but it was very enjoyable overall.

Hot off my press...Christmas Cards for some friends and family who I won't be able to personally spend Christmas with.
They were sent in the mail yesterday coupled with a recent photo of my family.

My work space while the newly stamped cards are drying.

My design carved into the block after being inked.

The stamped card before the top and bottom are trimmed off.
Very fun craft that I'm sure I will be touching again in the future. I love the imperfect look it gives to the cards. Each one is a little unique but they all have enough in common to make me excited! 

Try it sometime!

~ Chelsea ~

Fabric Banners - Simplified with a Pinking Rotary Cutter

I've made a few fabric banners and I tend to love them! I love how they use such a small amount of fabric, how they only take 20 minutes max to make and the cute look they produce over a window in celebration of a party or a season.

I recently purchased a pinking blade for my rotary cutter and it is wonderful, well worth the money for the time and hand muscles it saves. I used my mother's pinking scissors for my first fabric banner and it was less than ideal, but definitely did the job.
I had a hard time finding a rotary pinking blade. I ended up finding one, but a different brand, OLFA, and I was not sure if it would be compatible with my FISKARS rotary cutter. I looked online for answers and it was split about 50/50 with responses saying it definitely would not be compatible and others say they had used them and they worked fine. So, that left me just to try it for myself and I was thrilled to see that it works great. It cuts through several layers of even heavier fabrics with ease.

My mom made this banner for her home that ties a lot of her decor colors together:

Below is my first banner I made for my daughter's birthday party. I've used it since then for a baby shower too. Blurry picture, but you get the general theme.

First I look through my extensive fabric stash and find several fabrics that coordinate and represent the theme desired. I use my simple triangle template and cut around it for all the fabric triangles. Then, I lay out the triangles in an eye-pleasing order on the floor. Then I put the triangles in order into a pile and take them to the sewing machine. I sew across each top and together at overlapping corners (about 1 inch overlap) going aln the way across about 1/4 inch from the top, securing a ribbon/ piece of ric rac to each end for hanging and back stitching each time I overlap two triangle tops. Done. I then hang it up, wash my windows and take pictures of my accomplishment.

Here's another one I made for Autumn Time. 

~ Chelsea ~

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful Thoughts

I feel much gratitude for the many simple things in our lives! As I say a prayer with our little 16 month old Grandcutie, I think of many little things to thank Heavenly Father for. Things that she can relate to. Such as: our cups of refreshing water, bowl of oatmeal with apple sauce, our clothes to keep us warm, blankets, toys (and rocks) to play with, books to read, our homes to keep us protected & full of love, a bathtub to help her be clean & parents  that work hard for her.
I'm so thankful for my faith in God. I'm so thankful
for the beautiful plan of salvation that He has given to all of us. I am so thankful for my handsome Honey who loves God too.
(I wish the largest words in this framed art were gratitude & thankfulness! Feasting & Pie are good too though)

 I am thankful for natural beauties all around us! The many creations on this wonderful earth are amazing!
 Have a very THANKFUL THANKSGIVING everyone!
With Gratitude, ~*~Lynda~*~

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Beautiful Heap of Mahogany!

Chelsea's neighbor wanted to restore this old china cabinet, but then changed her mind. So, Chelsea asked me if we would like to have it and I said "sure", of course! I love all wood funiture! Even old, damaged & dirty pieces.

 We have many pieces of furniture come our way and feel that it is such a blessing in our life. Many times I sell the pieces after a good refurbishing and it has definitely helped our income.
 We brought all the pieces home and first glued parts together & fixed hinges. Then a good cleaning with this wood cleaner happened. After deciding to keep the mahogany wood color and not painting it, I applied a lot of dark "Old English". It really absorbed the oil since it had been sitting on the neighbors back porch for many months and the wood was very dried out. Then I took the darkest furniture touch-up marker and filled the stain color in where some of the scratches were deeper and the veneer was missing.
 I'm so excited to keep this beautiful piece of furniture. It's still old and worn looking, but also gorgeous!
 I think the white milk glass and touches of blue decor look very lovely in contrast with the mahogany.
 The only thing that I don't have yet are pulls for the bottom two drawers. I keep looking around for some old ones on a different old piece of furniture, but more than likely, someday, I will just need to buy all new ones.
 I'm so grateful to have this addition to our family room!

Monday, November 12, 2012

2 Fun Furniture Refurbs!

 I really had fun painting this old night stand. White with charcoal glaze!
 I also painted the gorgeous pulls with a thin coat of black.
 Sorry, no before pics of these awesome dressers. I decided to try my damask stencil on them. It's super fun!

 I also shabbied them up to give that wonderful old look.

Needless to say, they all sold very quickly!
Love the look! ~*~Lynda~*~