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Crystal's Homemade Home

Hi I'm Crystal, the big sister! Growing up, my Mom, Lynda was a really good example of making all of our houses a home, and let me just say... there were a lot of houses. Since we moved many times, I got to see how she made things work in each different home. I learned a lot from my mom about using what I have and making it into what I want. I've been the "Mom" in my family for quite awhile now and I've built on the skills my mother taught me. I really like every decorating style which makes it hard for me to choose just one, but I tend to lean toward the modern graphic side more than my mom and sister do. I love to make my home unique and that is often spelled "h-o-m-e-m-a-d-e". Creating something for my family brings me great joy. Whether it's clothing or toys for my children, decorations or furniture for our home, or even a graphic purse for myself, making something fantastic out of something basic is very fulfilling (and it saves the wallet, too). So, hopefully I can share some of the love I have for creating and help you to enjoy your own homemade home in the process. Thanks for reading!

<3 Crystal