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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Little Step

A quick project with my 18 month-old girl. 
She loves seeing everything happening outside our front window (neighbor cats, trash trucks, people walking dogs, etc) and each time she either wanted me to hold her up or she would stand on not-so-stable toys and things to give her an extra few inches. 

We had a day together without big sister (with grandma and grandpa) so we took a trip to Michaels to see what we could find. We scored an unfinished step stool that was broken (just the staples had  come loose on one side), so being the cheap shopper that I am, I asked if I could get it discounted since it was damaged. They gave it to me "as  is" for $2! I was very pleased. We came home and repaired it with some wood glue and an extra nail, sanded, spackled, caulked, primed and painted it. Then distressed it, since it will experience some natural distressing anyways being a toddler's step stool. 

My sanding helper...

This step stool was a fun, small project and it get used so many times a day. 

~ Chelsea ~

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Little Touch of Happy Yellow

It may sound odd, but this is the first time I have painted a color on my walls in my home! My husband has been opposed to me painting walls colors. He's all about white walls for some reason. I've gotten used to that idea, although at first I was a bit shocked that he even had an opinion on the matter. Growing up, my dad never cared, at least I never saw him disliking all my mom's decorating and painting. 
Anyway, back to my color! Just a little space, but I love the color it brings to my ever-improving kitchen!

I mixed my own color of yellow using two paints I already had. One was Clarks & Kensington Spun Gold (flat) from a free paint Saturday at Ace a while back. The other was the cabinet color (Royal Southern Plantation, satin finish). I tested out the color on a little spot for a day (see below) and then ended up adding a lot more of the off-white to ease it up a bit. I didn't want it too overbearing. 
I am really enjoying it! 

Next up... installing the knobs and pulls that I purchased!

~ Chelsea ~

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Fabric Scrap Garland - Red, White & Blue

Another successful decoration made with everything I already had (and some fabric donations from my mom's stash). There are even some cut off jeans and old t-shirts in there! I used some hemp string that I had in my jewelry making box and my pinking rotary blade to cut the fabric strips with ease. Quick, easy, free and patriotic. 

If you want to make some garland for any occasion, just cut strips of fabric about 1-2 inches thick and however long you desire (mine ranged from 5-8 inches, I didn't measure anything). Then, do a single simple knot around a sturdy string in the order you desire. Can't get any easier!
Have fun celebrating the USA this week!