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For Sale

Most of the projects we do are for our own homes, but sometimes we like to make and sell our items.

Here are some of the items that we currently have for sale. 

If you are interested in one of these items, feel free to contact us personally or through the comments.


$5 - turquoise floral wall hanging 
Dimensions: approx 20 inches by 12 inches
Hangs by the ribbon, needs one large nail secured in a stud.

$3 - Christmas "Silent Night" wooden sign.
Vinyl lettering and nativity shape. Heavily distressed red paint. No hanging hardware, sits nicely on any flat surface.
Dimensions: 25.5 inches by 3.25 inches

$4 Fabric Banner - Easy to hang anywhere with two long ribbon ends. Colors are fun and bright. Perfect for a baby shower, party or decoration for a room in your home.

$10 Decorative Mirror for Sale - gold, brown, neutral coloring. great condition. 
Dimensions: 20.5 inches by 25 inches. Hardware to hang vertical or horizontal.

$5 "Give Thanks" framed art.
Acrylic hand-painted in golden yellow, white and dark brown on a 8x10" canvas board. Off-white frame.

$30 Framed "Peace Anew" painting on 11X14" canvas board
This was my first hand painted art in 2010. I finally painted a frame to compliment the painting and I would love for someone to enjoy it in their home/office. The old wood frame was painted with turquoise, brown and white to give a glazed look. It hangs with a wire hanger secured on the back.

$8 Families cross-word wooden board art.
White vinyl lettering with clear coat over entire surface (cleanable, durable, secured letters).

$20 "Family Tree" wall art
Hand painted black tree on grey background. This board is all one piece but has the look of a matted frame. Distressed painting. Sawtooth hanger on back center.

$4 Autumn Wood Block
Block sanded and painted "fresh orange" with "Autumn" stencil painted in raw umber (brown). Add a small accent to celebrate this time of year.
No hanging hardware, sits nicely on any even surface.

$3 Smile Wood Block
Sometimes we just need a subtle reminder around the home or office to help curve our lips upward. 
Off-white block with stencil-painted "Smile" in mustard yellow.
No hanging hardware, sits nicely on any even surface.

$13 "Endless Love and Laundry" Hanging Quote Board
13.5 inch by 14.75 inch bead-board painted a light, fresh yellow with dark grey stencil lettering. Heavily distressed style. Light-weight, requires one small nail to hang by the white cotton fabric. 

$5 Birds on a Wire Block
White vinyl silhouette on light blue painted wood block with grey distressing and vignetting.
No hanging hardware, sits nicely on any even surface.

$4 Double-sided Red Nativity Block
One side of this small wood block has a silhouette of Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem and the reverse side has the traditional nativity scene with the baby Jesus. Lightly distressed.
No hanging hardware, sits nicely on any even surface.

$4 Pink and White Magnet Board with three coordinating magnets. Hangs by pink ribbon.
Perfect for a girl's room to display photos or artwork, etc.

$5 Counting Magnet Board
Practice numbers 1-10 in a hands-on and fun way!

$6 Alphabet magnet board
Lower-case letters for little learners and play.