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Monday, September 15, 2014

Painted Frame Art - Girls' Room

I'm happy with how my daughter's room looks now that I completed their main wall with painted solid shapes and simple profiles of them.
The main reasons I did this project were:
1) I already had painted the left shape on the wall back when this was my youngest daughter's baby room and I didn't want to paint the whole wall to cover it up now that it wasn't centered over a crib.
2) Because this wall is over my daughter's bed, I didn't want anything heavy or potentially dangerous hanging on the wall.
3) I wanted something that would combine something personal for both girls and celebrate their sisterhood.

 This project wasn't very hard. The most time-consuming part was painting 3-4 layers of the pink paint for each shape. I designed the shapes using a yard stick, pencil, a level, a drinking cup to trace the scallops, a sheet of computer paper to create a template for 1/4 of my oval and a large piece of cardboard folded in half to cut out a stencil for the left shape (what is that shape called??).
Once the shapes where sketched with pencil on the wall, I painted them with pink paint using a medium size, high density foam brush.

I created the silhouettes of my daughters by taking their photo, putting the digital photo in a Word document with the margins as small as possible and the photo as large as possible, printing it, cutting out the silhouette how I wanted it and then tracing it with a box cutter into white contact paper. It was pretty fast and easy this way. I used my Silhouette craft cutter to make the "and" also out of cheap contact paper. The contact paper is staying up on the slightly textured wall very well. I am curious to see how long it stays tight to the wall and looking bright and clean. The girls have been commanded not to touch them!