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Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas To All

I really love the Christmas season! Everything about it is joyous!We have had this nativity profile for many years. Rod, my Handy Honey, simply cut it out of plywood, made some legs on the back to hold it up and I painted it white. It has it's own spotlight, because after all, Christ's birth is the best part of Christmas. Above is Chelsea's lovely Christmas tree. Her awesome little helper rearranges it once in awhile! The beaded pears & apples are some items that we used at her wedding reception so, they are extra special.

Our Christmas tree has so many ornaments that I don't even put them all on. Years ago I used to have 2 trees, one for the kids to decorate (which I always loved) and a fancy one that coordinated with the living room colors. Almost every year I buy or make an ornament that has the nativity on it. I make sure to place them on the lower half of the tree so our Grandcuties can see them and remember what Christmas is really all about.

Living in this smaller home I don't have as many places to decorate, but our antique buffet is a great place for all kinds of arrangements.

I love clear glazed ceramics with their off-white color. I have made some years ago with the help of Rod's Grandmother, but this pretty piece of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus came from a thrift store!

One more picture of the front of our home with the beautiful white lights!

With Love, Lynda

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful and in praise of the Savior! Just love all your beautiful creations, the Spirit is carried through them!