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Monday, May 14, 2012

Pillow Shams

I was inspired by a tissue box to add some yellow to my family room redecorating plans.
Slowly, more and more touches of green, turquoise and yellow are being added to give this room more life. 

This past week the pillows got in on the fun!

Pillow Shams are a simple and inexpensive way to give pillows a fresh look. Not only a fresh look for now, but even after a few months of kids hands, sippy cup spills and who knows what else, since they are removable and washable! I am so glad I thought of that this time around while restyling my couch pillows. 

Yellow pillow purchased at Target. Other two shams, I made.
See More and Learn how to make a pillow sham by clicking "Read more" below...

How to make a Simple Pillow Sham:
1st: Measure your pillow or pillow form from seam to seam both ways. (Example: pillow 19" x 19")

2nd: Cut out one piece of fabric for the front of the pillow sham. Use your measurements plus one inch to determine the size needed. (Example: Front fabric cut 20" x 20")

3rd: Cut two rectangle pieces of fabric for the back of the pillow. They will need to overlap each other by 4-6 inches to fully cover the rear of your pillow. You decide how much overlap you want then add one inch for seam allowances. (Example: Two pieces cut 20" x 15" each)

4th: Iron and sew seam on one long side of each rectangle rear piece. Iron sewn seams. 

5th: Place front piece right side up. Place two rear pieces right sides down on top of it, aligning the four raw edges, overlapping the two sewn edges. 

6th: Pin in place and sew all around with 1/2 seams, reinforcing the stitches with a few back stitches at each overlapping seam. 

7th: Turn right side out and poke out corners with your fingers. 
8th: Carefully stuff pillow into the sham one side at a time.  

I am so happy with my new pillows. I love the colors in my family room.

For this little pillow, I sewed on lace ribbon along one seam during the 4th step to add some detail.

~ Chelsea ~

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Meagan Shaw said...

Beautiful! Great work Chels!