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Friday, August 3, 2012

Paint Quality & Price

I remember not so long ago when I didn't know there were different qualities of paint. I remember purchasing paint at Walmart and not knowing the difference between flat, satin, semi-gloss or glossy and I didn't know what enamel or latex meant. I still don't profess to be any sort of expert on the subject of paint, but I have learned a bit from smart people around me and from my experience. 
This past week, I tried out a new brand of paint since I got it with a rebate from Rod's Ace Hardware in Mesa, AZ. I love that place by the way (small tangent...) They are very helpful, informative and friendly. I went there first for a free quart of paint and was impressed that they treated me so well when I was there for a freebie. They gave me my free quart in a color I chose, with a paint can opener and a stirring stick. Wow, I'm a fan. So, anyway, the brand of paint I got (quart for free and then purchased a gallon of) is Clark+Kensington, Paint + Primer In One.
This is black Satin Enamel. It was about $28/gal after the $7 rebate. 
And I will have fun with many future projects and this little black gallon. 

And my first project completed with it last week was my simple entertainment center that we were given right before our family started in 2007. 

I love how it turned out. I loved painting it with this paint. The paint went on great (I used a foam brush), dried great and looks really professional. I love that it is not gloppy or thick and it lets the wood grain show through. Because it is enamel paint, it dries hard and durable. 
I am impressed and happy. 
I will be using this paint (but in a cream color) again for my dining set... big job... but coming soon!

~ Chelsea ~


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