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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Painting Furniture is SO FUN!!!!

Here are a few pictures of some pieces that I hand painted with just 1 quart of a green color paint named "Casual Day" by Clarks & Kensington.
The first one is a fun corner shelf that my Handsome Honey made out of a louvered bi-fold door.
 And here we have a very basic little dresser that makes a great night stand with some drawers for storing some clothing  for our guests.
 On this chair I painted it to give the allusion of glazing, but all I really did was be careful not to get the paint in the cracks and crevices. Super easy!
Here is an awesome tutorial and video by BH&G on painting furniture! Have fun!

Bye for now, ~*~Lynda~*~

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