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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Painting on Clothes!

I have a new favorite craft... for this week at least. :)
I have always loved embellishing plain baby onesies or kiddo-sized shirts. And now I have tried my hand at painting them and I LOVE it! 

Here are my nap-time creations of the last 2 days.

I used my fancy dancy Silhouette machine to cut out my stencils from Freezer Paper, but you can also manually cut stencils from freezer paper using an exacto knife or use purchased decorator stencils. The freezer paper works great as a stencil on fabric because once it is cut into the stencil, you iron it glossy side down to the fabric and it has a light adhesive to your fabric. Then your stencil will stay were you want it and it prevents the paint from leaking through the edges. Wonderful! And so fun. 

Now, I am experimenting with different paints and shading to get more fancy with my fabric art. I have used both fabric paint and normal acrylic paint for canvas painting and they both seem to work fine.

I am on the hunt for more inexpensive plain shirts to paint!

~ Chelsea ~

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