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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Simple Shelf

My little girl's room was starting to look more like a playroom than a bedroom. I wasn't liking how all the toys were starting to be an organized mess on one side of the room. Even after several clear-outs and putting many toys away for future use, it still was too cluttery for my taste. 

My mom got this little cabinet and my dad added some plywood for the shelves. They offered it to me and I knew it was the organization solution I was looking for. 

The shelves were both raw and ugly and the inside of the cabinet was several colors of fake wood. I was ok with the color of the outside, so I decided to save money and time and just paint the inside white. I taped it off and painted a few coats of white paint and I love the result. 

I didn't take a before picture, but here's an in-the-process photo:

And here it is completed and in her closet for organized and hide-able storage for her toys. 

Such a simple shelf with a few improvements. 

~ Chelsea ~

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