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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photo Canvases

I love these photo canvases hanging in my daughter's room. Crystal photographed the lilies and made these adorable wall decorations. 

So, snatch up some of those inexpensive flat canvases next time they're on sale to make some cute wall decor using your own photos. 

Here's what you need:
flat canvas board
a photo printed to the size of canvas (mine are 8X10)
decoupage (ex. Mod Podge)
paint brush or foam brush
nail and hammer to punch hole or utility hole punch
ribbon for hanging

This is such a simple project with such cute results. 
First, paint a thin, even layer of decoupage onto the canvas. Then, carefully place the photo onto the canvas and press firmly all over to get out any air bubbles. Let it dry, with a heavy book or something on it to make sure it dries flat. Once it's dry, paint an even coating of decoupage on top of the photo. I think it looks best if all the strokes are going the same direction, because you will see them slightly when it is dry. 
Once the top layer is dry completely, punch your holes in the top two corners. Figure out how long you want your ribbon to be (depending on how you want it to hang on the wall). Cut the ribbon, tie a knot on one end, string through one of the holes and then the other and tie off the other end. The knots should be on the back sides of the canvas where they don't show.
Hang up your art using a thumb tack or nail. 

Another idea with decoupage is to mix in subtle sparkles in a small container prior to applying to the project. The decoupage dries clear and the sparkles will give the finished project a little glow. Try it if that's the look you are after. 

~ Chelsea ~

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