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Monday, June 10, 2013

Kitchen Cabinets - Making Progess!

I'm getting excited as my kitchen cabinet project begins again after a long break. Let me fill you in on the story of my kitchen cabinets. 

Beginning of December 2012, I aqcuired some cabinets that would fill a vision I have had for the dining room side of my kitchen. I never liked looking at the bare back side of the kitchen cabinets, and I thought it would be great to have additional cabinet space in this area. My dad helped that vision come true by installing the cabinets after much preparation, measuring and spacing. 

As you can see, the process of installing these extra cabinets was far from simple. It required demolition, supports in the attic/crawl space, drywall repair, spacing between the upper cabinets, creation of a toe-kick riser for the lower cabinets and much energy and time. I was immediately in love with my new cabinets, although, they have sat looking un-finished for nearly half a year.

Here's a view of the kitchen a few months back.

And the unfinished ends that have been staring at us for too long...

I primed and painted the top new cabinets back in March, but they are still in need of a final coat. The others have been waiting...
...until this past Saturday when we caught the vision again!

I began on Friday deep cleaning all the cabinets with TSP and taking off the cabinet doors on the top (since my little girls would be around I didn't want the bottom ones off).
Then Saturday morning, I primed the "bones" of the top cabinets and the trim.
I used both brush and small roller.

Here's a photo of the priming process...

And here's that hideous end, waiting for my favorite part!!!

Bead Board!!!

I'm so happy with how the bead board looks, even un-finished. 
This week I'm hoping to wrap up this kitchen project!

- Spackling, light touch-up sanding and caulking today.
- Full day of priming and painting tomorrow (grandma is taking the girls, hooray!).
- Replacing all the doors and drawers.
- Putting new bumpers on the insides of doors and drawers.
- I'm hoping to find a great deal on some hardware to give a finishing touch.

I'm looking forward to seeing the fruit of the labors of many, especially my dad, in this kitchen project!


Crystal said...

I'm so excited for you! The bead board looks so awesome :) It was fun to see the "before" pictures...looking forward to the finished "after" pictures.

Those Crazy Allens said...

I'm just seeing this and the picture of your pop of color and it looks great! I'm excited we could help you guys out and you guys did such an awesome job!! Your family is so talented Chelsea. =-D