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Friday, January 7, 2011

Couch Pillows made Anew

I wanted some large couch pillows to make my little couch oh so comfy, but my budget was limited. Have you ever experienced that feeling? So, I went to a nearby thrift store and looked through their pillows for two that were the same size and shape, still had good form and firm stuffing, didn't smell yucky and looked clean. Wow, that was quite a checklist. But, even with those specifications, I found them and knew they would love their new coverings and home on my couch. So, I took them home and made them anew.

Here are my thrift store beauties:

So, recovering square pillows is quite simple. First, choose your fabric. I chose a decorator (thicker) patterned fabric for the front and a complimentary solid flanel fabric for the back. Flanel was a good choice for comfort and softness, but unfortunately not the most long-lasting because of its tendency to pill or ball up once rubbed a lot. Any sturdy fabric that you like will be great.

Measure your pillows from seam to seam to get the total after-sewn size. Then cut out your squares (or rectangles) of fabric about an inch greater for seam allowances.

Then, with right sides together, sew your back fabric to the front fabric leaving one entire side open for turning right side out and inserting the stuffed pillow. When I sewed my seams, I did 1/4 inch seams near the corners and very gradually increased to a 1/2 inch seam at the centers to create a more shapely pillow (not just a strait square).
Once you have your three sides sewn, turn it right side out and stuff in your pillow and get the points and seams aligned inside.
Then, because I was inexperienced with hand stitching when I made these pillows, I shoved the pillow as deep inside as I could and machine top stitched the last side closed with the raw edges turned in. It looks ok, but hand stitching an invisible stitch would be a better option. I have since learned how to do that thanks to this tutorial.

Now place that happy little old/new pillow on your couch or bed and give it the squishes it deserves.

~ Chelsea ~

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