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Friday, January 7, 2011

Craft Niche

My parents (Lynda being one of them) are amazing for several reasons. My mom sees potential in anything and knows how to make it beautiful and functional and my dad knows how to plan, implement and create. The combination produces amazing results, such as this craft niche that they gifted to me for my last birthday.

This is what they created with a hutch, a free desk, a chair and a little extra wood for shelves and the desk top (and paint and a lot of time and work). The hutch and shelves are attached to the wall and provide so much organization space.

My mom painted and distressed all the pieces prior to bringing them over to our house. Then just a little touch-up was needed after it was all put together.

For storage organization, we painted some large aluminum cans white and covered them with some pretty paper for an additional accent of color and coordination. We glued bias tape around the top edge to cover up any sharp edge there and to make it look nice.

Here is my wonderful space more recently, filled with all the things I love to have around me when I am being crafty. I love the time I spend in my organized craft niche.

~ Chelsea ~

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