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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~3 Gorgeous Wall Shelves~

Here are some fun wall shelves made out of chairs! I really liked the old varnish that was on the backs of 2 of these, so, it didn't get sanded off. I gave them the old worn look by painting 4 different colors of paint and then sanding to expose each layer a little bit here and there.

The paint colors that I chose for this project are ~ first a thick coat of dark brown, next a homemade color of olivey/bluish green, then light aqua and lastly a thin coat of white.

I am very happy how they turned out and I am so excited to actually keep these for our home.

This small little shelf ended up looking great sitting on our buffet instead of hanging on the wall!

I love birds and bird houses!

This is the 3rd shelf that I am showing today. I know it's so cool with all of the rock-n-roll magazine pictures glued to it. It had 3 shaker pegs too, and the 4th one was missing. After looking in 4 different stores for another peg the same size and couldn't find one, I decided to go with plan "b".

I like it a lot better with the 2 awesome hooks from Hob Lob anyway!

I stuck with the distressed look and glazed it with brown!

I also Mod Podged the pretty scrapbook paper on the tops of the 2 shelves! Then gave it a few swipes with the brown glaze!

I love these looks! ~*~Lynda~*~

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