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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Portable Play Road

I love making children's toys. I think that is my favorite when it comes to sewing. 
For my nephew turning two, I made a fabric portable road with a pocket for 2 hot wheels-size cars. This project is a mixture between some car mats I have seen and the crayon rolls I have made in the past. One of the best parts was that I used materials that I had already, thanks to my hefty fabric stash.
Here it is:

I first decided how large I wanted it to be. Then I cut out 2 pieces of the blue cotton fabric that size (plus an inch for seam allowances). Then, I "decorated" one blue piece of fabric by sewing on the strip of black road (leaving an open slot for the car pocket), the felt road stripes and felt stop sign.

The black fabric I used was really different. I'm not sure what it is called because I got it from someone else's fabric scraps, but it is slightly rubbery and smooth on one side and textured on the other side. It doesn't fray, so the cars pocket was simple. Choosing a fabric that doesn't fray for the detailing on this project is preferred. 

 After I added all the details, I sewed the 2 blue pieces of blue fabric with right sides together along 3 edges, leaving one small side for turning right side out. While doing this, I attached the black grosgrain ribbon in the center of one short end. Then, I folded and top-stitched the last short end closed. I also top stitched all around because I like the way that looks and it helps it stay more flat.

Then, I rolled it up with the 2 little cars inside the pocket and I was happy that they stayed in there when it is rolled up tight. I think it turned out great and it makes a great, simple and portable toy that encourages imagination and fun. Goal accomplished!

~ Chelsea ~


Kerry Ann said...

I would love to buy one of these for my boys. Would you consider selling one? It is really cool!

Chelsea said...

Thanks Kerry Ann! Email me at chelseaosborn@rocketmail.com and we can communicate that way. I am wondering where you are located and if you know Lynda or Crystal to see how I can get a portable play road to you.