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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bath Apron

I got the wonderful idea of a bath apron from a friend on her Secret Stitch blog.
The idea of a bath apron is to keep mom as dry as possible during the splashy bathing process and to have the towel ready to surround baby once they're all clean. I love it! I made this one as a baby shower gift, but will definitely make one for my next baby too.

I apologize that this is the only photo I got of it, but hopefully you get the idea of how it can be used.

To make it, you just need one large bath towel (I got mine at Anna's Linens for about $5), ribbon for the strap and a pack of bias tape. Take your full towel and fold it in half and cut out your shape so it is symmetrical, then unfold and pin and sew on the bias tape and straps. Pretty quick and inexpensive project... my favorites. Check out Christie's tutorial for more details if you need them.

Also, with the scraps that I cut off of the towel, I made a few easy baby bibs by using my favorite bib as a template.

~ Chelsea ~

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