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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Little Taller

I have this certain love for step stools. Maybe that's weird, but I think they are so cute and my daughter absolutely loves the fact that they make her just a little taller, just tall enough to reach all the good stuff in life. 



I would love to have more sturdy wood step stools like this one to paint up really pretty. 
I spent only about 1 hour on this project with sanding, painting, stenciling and clear-coating. I am a fan of little projects, no hardware, no major repairs, no needing my husband's help to haul it around from place to place. Just simple and satisfying. 

This step was found at Mesa Thrift on Main street in between Alma School and Extention for $5. I like the size and that it is wide enough that it doesn't topple with wobbly kiddos on it. 

~ Chelsea ~

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