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Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby's Costume

I finally got into the dress-up spirit and decided to let my baby (due to be born in about 1 month) in on the fun too. Maybe I'll even share some Halloween candy with her too! :)

Here's what she'll (I'll) be wearing this year:

Thanks to freezer paper, this costume was simple and fast. Good thing since I'm last minute and we have a Halloween party to go to tomorrow! 

First, I measured my belly and the area that I wanted the pumpkin to cover on my shirt while wearing it. I drew out the pumpkin onto a large piece of freezer paper (glossy side down) and then used a box cutter and carefully cut out the design.
Then I ironed all the pieces (glossy side down) onto my black prego shirt.

Then I dabbed and painted...

Until the pumpkin came to life. Then I pulled off all the freezer paper and admired the silly little grin on this guy.

Then I let my belly give it a try. I like how it turned out. 

I got my fill of pumpkin carving, crafting and costume making all in one.

Happy Halloween!

~ Chelsea ~

1 comment:

Allen said...

This is pretty funny! Love how it turned out :-)