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Monday, October 3, 2011

Feeling Halloween!

It's pretty rare for me to get into Halloween. Although I think it can be a really fun time for kids and a very profitable time for candy sellers. :)

I think being a mother has made me a little more interested in making this holiday fun for my little girl and future little ones, so when I went through the Halloween isle at the 99 cent store and saw these large, thick felt shapes, I thought I could come up with some way to spruce up my home with some orange.

I like the simplicity of this door hanging decoration and it was easy and fun to put together. Some scraps of black and white ribbon did the trick to combine these three shapes into something cute to hang up in honor of this crazy Halloween holiday!

Hope you all enjoy your October and Halloween!

~ Chelsea ~


Allen said...

How do you keep the felt pieces from blowing and flipping around?

Chelsea said...

I actually ended up having to secure the sides of the felt shapes into my security door screen. The first day I put it up was a windy day, so I figured that out pretty quick. It would probably work to add some weight to the bottom shape as well to keep it hanging strait.