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Friday, October 28, 2011

A "Tangled" Halloween - Part 2

Tangled wouldn't be awesome without the Eugene Fitzherbert (otherwise know as Flynn Rider). And Flynn rider wouldn't be awesome without his vest. Right? So that put me in a pretty tough position trying to get together this costume for my son. He had some plain pants and plenty of white shirts, but I knew I wouldn't be able to find anything remotely close to the vest. As it turns out, I couldn't even find fabric in the right color in my price range. But here is what I came up with for a Flynn Rider vest:

(a very funny looking Flynn Rider "smolder")

I got a heavy polyester fabric from an estate sale. It was blue instead of blue-green, but oh well. It was good because it didn't fray and kept it's form. I made a pattern from a vest my son had but altered it so that it came down longer and straighter like a tunic. Then I added the little sleevelets and a short collar that stood up. I sewed some details at the top of the vest. If I'd had more time I would have liked to actually create an overlay, but I do what I can these days. It looks OK. The buckles were another puzzle. I eventually decided to make them velcro flaps with the look of buckles. That way I didn't have to complicate it by trying to find something that was actually functional. I was going to buy some metal rings at a hardware store but then remembered that my dad had recently hung a chandelier in my kitchen and had removed some links from the chain. I found those and sewed them to the velcro flaps.

As for the other costume elements, I found a mans leather belt at Goodwill for a buck and cut it shorter and used a power drill to make some additional holes. The boots were also alluding me. I ended up using some old black boots from our costume box. It bothered me that they were black, so I spray painted them brown. They really aren't as tall as Flynn's boots, but they will do. All together I spent $2 on this costume. Not bad. It's more of an impression of Flynn Rider's outfit, but everything considered, I am pleased with how the costume turned out. What are your thoughts?

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Allen said...

Very creative using the chandelier links for the buckles...and it looks really good too! I went to a leather supply store and bought a couple rings for $2.50 each so you really saved yourself about $10 by using those. Crazy how things add up! Looks great overall :-)