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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bright Baby Room - for the Window

This bubbly valence is the result of many hours of envisioning, some fabrics I already had along with a few purchased additions such as wide quilt binding and jumbo ric rac. 

I started by measuring the window and curtain rod and then drawing a sketch of my idea. Then, I made a template for my "semi-circles" (more like semi-ovals). I cut out all the fabrics, each piece has a white backing piece cut from a cheapo Ikea sheet. I sewed the round edges and left the tops open to insert a piece of quilt batting cut to the same shape (I made a template for that too). Then, I laid all the pieces out on the floor to align them how I liked them and overlap them enough to achieve the right length for the curtain rod. I pinned and sewed the pieces together. Then, I sewed on the quilt binding which served three purposes; to piece the semi-ovals together, cover up the raw edges and create the tubing for the curtain rod. Then, the white ric rac added a little more interest and covered up the raw edges that could be seen through the white quilt binding. 
I was excited to hang it up, so excited that I risked waking my baby up and snuck into her room ever so quietly to see my creation up on the window.

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~ Chelsea ~

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Allen Beach said...

That turned out really cute! Something like that would've taken me a long time!