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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby Room Progress

I am loving the pinks and oranges in the baby room! And I have had some nap times to get crafty and it feels good. I love being a mom, and I also love time to be creative. 

First and my favorite... My "A" wall art! 

It is not exactly like my original thoughts, but I love the pop that the pink gives to this wall over the crib.
I started by sketching and cutting out my shape from a large piece of cardboard we had kicking around the house. Then, I taped the cardboard up to the wall above the crib and traced it onto the wall using a pencil.

Then, I painted it on with a medium sized foam brush. It was easier than I thought it would be.
I cut out the "A" from one of my coordinating fabrics for the room and stuck it to the wall using spray starch. It's an awesome technique that leaves nothing on the wall when you take it down later. 

And here's how the opposite wall has come together.
Photo board shown here.
Felt flowers canvas art technique shown here.
Decoupage picture frame mat shown here.

You'd never know that our internet modem and router are hiding behind the flower frame on the dresser! 

 And now on to my crazy baby mobile made from a spider photo hanger (gifted to us for Christmas) and fabric and paper shapes and ribbons I created. 
I hung it next to the crib where baby can see it, but not over the crib just in case it ever decides to fall!

Can you tell that I am having lots of fun??? 

~ Chelsea ~


Allen Beach said...

It's looking great, Chels! I really like the way everything came together on the wall with the futon. The frames are the perfect size for that wall and the colors look great. I'm glad to see you had some fun with that photo spider. I'm getting ready to put mine up (I bought one for myself too LOL).

All I can say is A. is one lucky, cute little girl!

Meagan Shaw said...

I need to make one of these.