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Monday, April 16, 2012

Scrap Wood Art

What can you do with a warped, water-damaged piece of bead board? 

For my 16th birthday (long ago), I was gifted a beautiful Mesa Temple filet crochet (Wow, it took me forever to find what it was called online!) I have always wanted to display it somehow, but could never find a square frame that would work for it and my budget.
My dad cut out a square of old weathered bead board (above) and I sanded and painted it. Then I used the easy spray starch technique to attach the lace-type fabric to the painted board. 

I created a simple hanger for the back using ribbon and thumb tacks and hung it on a single nail up on my wall. I sealed the ends of the ribbon with a lighter. 

I love using spray starch to attach fabric to flat surfaces, like walls. I have used this non-permanent and no-damage method many times in my home now (HERE and HERE).

HOW TO USE SPRAY STARCH: Just place the fabric where you want it and spray the starch right on top of the fabric just enough to moisten it. Then use a damp sponge to wipe away any excess or drips. Use your fingers to press lightly on the fabric to secure it to the wall. Then allow it to dry. 

~ Chelsea ~

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