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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Homemade Cards - Block Printing

Mass production of a unique piece of art made by you - block printing. 
This was a new concept for me and a very rewarding one. I received a Speedball Block Printing Kit for Christmas last year, and I've been thinking all year about what I wanted to carve into the block.
I penciled my design on paper, transferred it onto the block, carved out the white space and made my own mini printing press. The carving took some patience and time (and a few cuts on my fingers), but it was very enjoyable overall.

Hot off my press...Christmas Cards for some friends and family who I won't be able to personally spend Christmas with.
They were sent in the mail yesterday coupled with a recent photo of my family.

My work space while the newly stamped cards are drying.

My design carved into the block after being inked.

The stamped card before the top and bottom are trimmed off.
Very fun craft that I'm sure I will be touching again in the future. I love the imperfect look it gives to the cards. Each one is a little unique but they all have enough in common to make me excited! 

Try it sometime!

~ Chelsea ~

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