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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Beautiful Heap of Mahogany!

Chelsea's neighbor wanted to restore this old china cabinet, but then changed her mind. So, Chelsea asked me if we would like to have it and I said "sure", of course! I love all wood funiture! Even old, damaged & dirty pieces.

 We have many pieces of furniture come our way and feel that it is such a blessing in our life. Many times I sell the pieces after a good refurbishing and it has definitely helped our income.
 We brought all the pieces home and first glued parts together & fixed hinges. Then a good cleaning with this wood cleaner happened. After deciding to keep the mahogany wood color and not painting it, I applied a lot of dark "Old English". It really absorbed the oil since it had been sitting on the neighbors back porch for many months and the wood was very dried out. Then I took the darkest furniture touch-up marker and filled the stain color in where some of the scratches were deeper and the veneer was missing.
 I'm so excited to keep this beautiful piece of furniture. It's still old and worn looking, but also gorgeous!
 I think the white milk glass and touches of blue decor look very lovely in contrast with the mahogany.
 The only thing that I don't have yet are pulls for the bottom two drawers. I keep looking around for some old ones on a different old piece of furniture, but more than likely, someday, I will just need to buy all new ones.
 I'm so grateful to have this addition to our family room!

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