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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pretty Coffee Table

Here is a beautiful coffee table that I picked up at Goodwill. It is loaded with detail! In this first picture I had already given the top a very good sanding leaving it stripped away of the previous finish. You know, that dark stain with pepper flecks that was so popular in the 70's? That's what it looked like.Here's how it ended up!!!!!! Black with some distressing on the bottom and stained on the beautiful oak top.
It had a little damage on the other side, but wood filler and sanding fixed that right up.

I used the Watco stain in a medium walnut color on the top. Then I used my favorite polyurathane over that. That little pile of plastic on the table is something that I want to tell you about. I usually put 2 or 3 layers of the wipe on poly on stained wood finishes. So, while the first coat is drying I wrap my rag right inside of the vinyl glove I am using. This keeps the rag from drying out in between usage. You just have to take your glove off in a way (turning it inside out) that won't be too hard to put it back on later.

In-lays are so amazing to me! This top had 2 of these.

This is a pic before.

And this is a pic after!!!!

I hand painted the black satin paint on with a foam brush in 2 thin coats. I love the look of some wood slightly showing through. Also, I distressed a little to give it that beautiful aged worn look! I also like to spray some clear lacquer over the painted areas for extra protection.

Even though there is no drawer, a pull was added just for extra gorgeousness!

Love the Look! Rustic, Tuscany, Spanish, Country!


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Kerry Ann said...

I love it. My parents have an old spanish influenced bedroom set from the early 70's. It's in PA so far from your hands, but this table reminds me of it. I really like this. I love the pull that you added.