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Monday, August 22, 2011

Area Rug Color Change

Having hardwood floors required the purchase of a new (new to me) area rug. I looked and looked for something affordable (super inexpensive) and that would coordinate with my decorating style. I found this beautiful rug on Craigslist for only $30.00. The only problem was it had some colors in it that I wasn't real excited about. I loved the blues, greens and cream background, but the pink & burgandy not so much!

Splendid ~ I added some touches of brown & black to match it with my home decor colors.
Here are the fabric markers I used to cover the lovely pink & burgandy colors. I was blessed to find these FabricMate dye markers half off at Hob Lob!Here is a close-up picture of the rug before I changed some of the colors.And here it is after. It looks better not so close, but I just wanted to show you where I applied the dye.
It was a very tedious job, and a tiny bit of the burgandy still shows through, but I am really pleased with the results!
~*~ Lynda~*~

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't think I would have ever thought to try that, it looks great!