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Monday, August 8, 2011

Felt Flower Canvas Art

I am so pleased with how this simple and inexpensive project turned out. 

All that is needed for this project is:
an artist canvas (mine is 8"X10")
a hot glue gun
hot glue
Optional: decor for the center, I chose 3 pearl beads

My friend made a flower pillow using the same semi-circle felt pieces, but she sewed them onto the pillow front rather than using hot glue. So many possibilities with this flower!

First, cut out your semi-circles. 
The flower I made is about 9 inches in diameter when completed and it took 19 large and 15 small semicircles of felt. 

Then, practice on your canvas by laying out the felt pieces until you get the design and layout that you are looking for. I tried to keep my flower round and I wanted a few petals to go over the top and bottom edges of the canvas. Experiment before gluing. 

Then, start gluing the large felt semicircles down to the canvas, starting with the outer edge and moving toward the center. Once the large pieces are gone, transition to the small for the center. I gave each petal a little pucker to give the flower more dimension. 

Keep placing your felt pieces with each new row only a few centimeters from the last, or however you placed them when you practiced. Pucker the few center pieces a bit more to create the center of the flower. 

The flower is complete unless you want to add something fun to the center. It could be a button, pearls or anything your heart desires. I think it looks cute with nothing too. 

Finish it off by making sure there are no hot glue strings showing on your art and hang it up or give it away!

~ Chelsea ~

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Simaryon said...

Oh my word! This is such a wonderful project..it's so simple yet gives WOW factor...thanks for sharing.