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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Refurbishing the Royal Chair!

I had a lot of fun with this chair that my Grandcuties call "The Kings Chair". I guess it looks large and thronish to them. I was in the mood to be more creative and not worry about if someone would buy it or not. So, this is what came from that mood!
I mixed up a costum color of mostly robins egg blue, vintage white, & chocolate brown acrylic paint and gave the wood 2 light coats with a foam brush. After distressing, I gave it a good spray of clear satin lacquer. I just like doing that. It seals it beautifully and makes cleaning easy.

I took the upholstered seat off and gave it a good cleaning right in my kitchen sink 3 days prior to painting it. I wanted to make sure it was good and dry before painting.

Using one of my favorite stencils, I painted the deep brown color on first. After that was mostly dry I took a small paint brush and added the touches of my custom blue paint on some of the swirly places! I sprayed Scotch Gard on the upholstery after the paint was dry.

The close-up picture shows you just how imperfect it really is. But I still think it looks great and goes with the distressed, rustic look! I figured if I get tired of this look I can always just cover it with some awesome new upholstery!

Look at the beautiful detail that shows so nicely when distressed!

Sanding also helps me to destress a little!

Another great thing about this look is that if it gets a few bumps and scratches it just adds to the character! I think I resemble that remark! *~*Lynda*~*

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