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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Happy Ending to the Armoire Story

Once upon a time there was this large armoire that needed some love.

The love came in the form of moldings, paint, stenciling, distressing, & glazing!
The stenciled motif is done with gray paint. It gives an awesome taupe color when brown glaze is applied over it. Also, I wanted a little of the pale blue color to show through, so I sanded quite a bit to make that happen and get the heavy distressed look. The brown glaze stuck everywhere that was sanded too.

As the story continues ~ This armoire is made of oak plywood. It is strong and sturdy (after some fix-up). The shelves had an ugly plastic molding on the fronts though.
Of course, that had to come off!

Here is a close-up picture of the new edge. It is a real wood strip that we ironed on.

Then we sanded the edges to get them nice a smooth.

I thought you might like to see my Handy Honey in action! He does a great job!

An outdoor shop has it's challenges though.

I guess every story has to have a villain. On this particular day there were a ton of villains. A sworm of bugs kept flying onto the painted surfaces. Opposition in all things!

The whole armoire was sprayed with a soft white, exterior, satin paint.

Look at this awesome sprayer!

The interior stayed nice and white.

We also sprayed a clear lacquer on everything when completed.

The very happy ending to this story is that we sold it to a gal who was planning to use it in her guest/craft room. I think that sounds like a perfect place to use this now beautiful, armoire!



The Moore Family said...

Amazing linda!! Love it!!

Kristin said...

So beautiful! Great job:)