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Friday, March 11, 2011

Little Man Tie Onesie

My husband's cousin is having a baby boy and I wanted to give her something unique as a gift. I love baby boy clothes that look like a miniature version of Daddy, so I decided to make a tie onesie. I wanted it to look more realistic than the appliqued ones that are really popular, so I used the small end of a man tie. I sewed it to look tied. Then I secured it with thread to the front of the onesie.

I Used These Items:
1 White Gerber Onesie
1 Man Tie (from my local 99 cent store)
Fabric Scissors
White Thread

I Did This:
1. Figure out the appropriate length. Pinch the skinny end of the tie into a gather at that length. Sew through and around the pinch tightly to secure it.
2. Wrap a portion of the tie around and over the pinch you've made. Try to make it look "tied" like a man's tie. Go for a triangle. Pull very tightly to make it small.
3. Before doing the final pass over your "triangle", sew through the layers to keep them tight and in place.
4. Wrap the final layer over the front of the "triangle", covering the sewing you've done.
5. Giving yourself enough extra tie material to fold over and tuck behind the "triangle", cut the excess tie material.
6. Fold the raw end behind the "triangle" and sew it tightly. Make sure no raw edge is popping out and than no threads are visible from the front.
7. You should now have a miniature tie that is nice and tight and secure. Sew this to the front of the onesie going through only one layer of your miniature tie (you don't want to see threads on the front).  Sew a lot on the "triangle" part of the tie and really secure it (especially at the neck).
8. Then, using a basic overhand stitch, sew the tie to the onesie down the middle about half-way down. This will keep it from flipping up and harassing the babies face, but it still looks like it's hanging freely like a real man tie does.

I hope you enjoy this Little Man Tie Onesie. But don't blink, it won't be long before that little one truly is a little man.

<3 Crystal