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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I love having quotes around my house that fill my days and thoughts with good things. So I do, I have many quotes around my house. Here are a few.

On the fridge:

I change out the quote every few weeks.

In the master bathroom:

I painted a glass-less frame from a thrift store and added some fabric of choice to make this interchangeable (Velcro) quote wall hanging. I tightly stretched and attached the fabric to the inside of the frame using hot glue.

In the Family Room:

Vinyl letters. It's a good thing I use a budget, because otherwise my whole house would be covered in vinyl decals! 

There are a few ideas that I enjoy in my house to combine positive messages and decorating. 

~ Chelsea ~


Anonymous said...

Hello! I love the idea of using Vinyl letters for decorating. However, when I was shopping for them at my local arts n crafts store I thought they were a little expensive. They were running about $20. Do you think they are worth the investment?

Anonymous said...

I found some letters on sale today for 50% off!! I love the saying that I got. Thanks for the idea!!

Chelsea said...

I'm so glad you found some vinyls on sale! What quote did you get? I paid a friend to make mine, so I was lucky and didn't have to spend too much.

Anonymous said...

It says, Faith, Family and Friends. Do you know how your friend makes them?

Chelsea said...

Well, I am unsure what machine she has. There are several machines out there for cutting vinyl, the two I am most familiar with are the Cricut and the Silhouette machines. They cut all sorts of materials like paper, fabric, heat transfer and vinyl. My friend Kristen does it as a home-based business, her website is http://www.signaturecreationsllc.com/