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Friday, February 4, 2011

Attacking the Laundry Room

I don't know about you, but I find laundry to be one of the most challenging chores to keep up on. I decided I really needed to do myself a favor and make it a little smoother by organizing  my oh-so-messy laundry room. Before it had basically been a catch-all room with things that belonged in every other room of the house. It's a room we also use for home maintenance items such as light bulbs, but we could never find what we needed and would end up buying more. It was a mess and because of this, my laundry life was harder. One of the worst issues I had was not having proper places for the things. For an example, I would sometimes find that a wet laundry item (like a rag or washcloth) had been thrown in with all of our clothes making them damp, dingy, and stinky. Damp and dingy is bad, but I absolutely despise stinky. I knew I needed to put things into categories that worked and I especially needed a spot designated for wet laundry. So that is what I did.
-First I figured out what needed to go in other rooms and put those items away.
-Second I took what I wanted to keep in the laundry room and put them into categories
-Third I hit up my local dollar store and bought enough buckets to have one for each category
-Then I made labels so that the other people in my home could follow my organizational plan, thus maintaining the order I worked so hard to create
-After that, I put the items in the appropriate buckets and arranged them with items I use most often in the most convenient places.
-Lastly, I cleared larger clutter by mounting things such as the ironing board and brooms/mops onto the walls and cleaned my appliances and floor really well.
I love having an organized laundry room. I still don't always keep up on laundry, but it is definitely less discouraging with a clean and orderly place to work.

<3 Crystal



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