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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bar Keepers Friend

I learned about Bar Keepers Friend from a wise woman who worked as a house cleaner for many years.
Bar Keepers Friend is a powder cleaner that polishes ceramic, makes chrome look great and removes stains, even rust and really hard stains. It makes my kitchen sink look so shiny and new, even after all the paintbrush rinsing going on at my house. It also works great for bathroom tubs and showers.

My sink BEFORE: 


I really like using this product because it does not require a lot of scrubbing and energy to get the stains gone. I just sprinkle the powder all over the inside of the sink and then use a moistened sponge to rub in a circular motion all around. 
I hope you are thinking about a dirty spot in your home-made home to go try this stuff out on! 

~ Chelsea ~

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