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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trying out some new GLAZE!

Oh, no! It's all cracked up! This cute little shelf needed some LOVE!

First I scraped all of the loose paint off.
Then I filled everything with this wonderful spackle.
Because I knew this shelf would be hanging on my bathroom wall, I didn't feel that it needed the strength of wood putty.

Here it is all patched up.
No pic, but next I sanded it to ruff it up a little for better paint adhesion and to smooth the spackle. I decided that I wanted some of the glaze to catch in the dings, so I didn't sand them all out or fill them all in. Before painting, a good wipe down is needed with a diluted dish detergent. I like to use Dawn because it really gets the grease & grime off.
It looks pretty good with a nice coat of white lacquer. My handy husband sprayed it on for me!!!!
You could use a can of spray paint or brush laytex/acrylic paint on too.

Here are all of my goodies to glaze with. This was the first time to use my new glaze & I am so happy to say that I like it much better than the other type I was using before. It's called Special Effects by McCloskey. Tintable, non-yellowing, low odor ~ just to name a few of it's wonderful qualities. I mixed it with a little brown & a touch of black acrylic paint in that bright happy bowl.
A tip about gloves ~ vinyl gloves are stronger than laytex. It's not very fun to get stain on your finger nails (which has happened to me plenty of times when I used to use the laytex gloves)

Here it is with the glaze applied and then wiped off with a clean rag.
It looks great to let the glaze stay in the dings and indentions of the molding.
And I love my beautiful statue of a Mama Bird caring for her Babies.
Bye for now, ~*~Lynda~*~

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