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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sharing the Wealth

I got a fast, cheap idea for a cute little craft from Sharing the Wealth yesterday. And since I had a little more nap time to use up, I thought I would have a little fun using some things I already had to make a cute
tissue rosette ball
for Valentines Day... or whenever.

First, I gathered the Tuesday ads from the mail and started bunching them one by one into a ball shape, until I got the size I wanted. I made it as dense as I could and glued down the last ends to keep it in a ball shape.

Then, I cut 3-4 inch wide strips of used pink tissue paper and starting from the center, made twisted, rolled rosettes. And I glued them on the ball as I made them, overlapping them to make sure all the ugly ads were covered up. (Mine used about 4 sheets of tissue paper)

After it was all covered, I attached a ribbon for hanging. I plan to make another and make it a topiary next time. Or make a set of three and put them in a bowl for a center piece.

I wasn't even sure where I would put mine, but it is now giving some pink to my dining room, hanging from the fan. It was really fun to make and the best part was that it was FREE! (Other than the minimal cost of hot glue)

~ Chelsea ~


Barbieann said...

very very cute! I just might make one someday! I look forward to visiting your blog.

Nathan said...

This is a perfect craft for valentines day! So cute!

Erin 'n Jeremy said...

That is so creative! I love it!