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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painters Tape

Here's my opinion based on my experience with 2 types of painters tape.

When I painted the stripe in my bathroom, I purchased a more expensive brand of tape called Frog Tape because I really wanted perfect lines, and that is what it promised me. My house has slightly textured walls, so that makes it hard to find a tape that is sticky enough to seal off all those bumps.
From this project, I don't think that Frog Tape works any better than just normal blue painters tape. So, in the future, I wouldn't spend the extra money on Frog Tape.

There's my 2 cents on the matter, just in case you have ever wondered for your projects.

~ Chelsea ~


Allen said...

My favorite tape is the orange stuff at Dunn Edwards. It seems to work much better than the blue tape and it's about the same price.

Chelsea said...

Allen, That's good to know, I'll have to try it on my next precise painting project. I love perfect lovely lines. :)