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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Felt Fun

Today, I made a little felt book for my daughter using a baby wipes case that was given to me. The case was embellished by someone else, so is very cute on the outside. 

I didn't use it very often, so I turned it into this.

I sewed a layer of quilt batting to two rectangles of felt and hot glued them to both sides of the interior. The quilt batting allows it to have a softer padded surface and prevents the hot glue from seeping through the felt. 

Then Shea helped me decide what colors to make the different felt shapes out of. We had a good time making it and I think it will make a nice quiet toy for her to imagine with. 
I love the simplicity of felt. It doesn't fray and it comes in so many bright colors.

~ Chelsea ~

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