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Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Shabby Bedroom Series (Sweet Seat) - A Reupholstered Chair

I believe every bedroom should have at least one good comfortable seat. You don't have to have a deluxe master suite to accommodate a sweet little niche for reading, holding your baby, or sitting to put on those boots that you have to tug on just a little bit. I wanted a place for things like this, but upholstered furniture is not cheap.... and, if you haven't noticed, I am. Also much of what can be bought is boring or bulgy-looking (in my opinion). When I stumbled upon this chair marked for $1 at the thrift store, I got an idea. An awful idea. My brain got a wonderful awful idea. (no idea why I just started quoting "The Grinch...." just now).


Anyway, I decided to repaint and reupholster it. I looked online for advice and I did find a good re-upholstery article HERE. It gave me courage. I busted out my heavy duty stapler. Then using the chair's old fabric as pattern pieces, I did my best. One good thing I did was take detailed notes as I deconstructed the chair. This helped me put the pieces back in the correct order. I learned that all those extra bumps of fabric actually needed to be there... it's not going to be a straight edge like a clothing pattern. I also learned to avoid buttons until I am taught by a professional. Tufting is no laughing matter. I consider this chair my "training project". Please don't come to my house and look at it closely. It is awful. But I do like sitting in it and I'm excited to use the knowledge I gleaned from this project for other furniture pieces in the future.  


<3 Crystal


Jenna said...

Looks great, Crystal!

Johnna Jayne said...

You are brave! Re-upholstery scares me to death. What a fun chair to have!

Rachel Shaw Weeks said...

Wow the chair looks great! You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

I have yet to reupholster something! I had a great chair but I hesitated too long and one day Mike tossed it in the dumpster when I wasn't home. I was totally bummed. You are inspiring!