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Friday, February 10, 2012

My Shabby Bedroom Series (Dandelion Duvet) - Duvet Cover From Flat Sheets

A bed is not complete without a cover. My bedspread is an IKEA duvet. So snuggly, so warm, and so perfectly squishy. I had a couple covers for it, but they were very modern and in this room refresh I was going for a more natural, indie, vintage feel. I wanted something lighter and  more unique. I drooled over some duvet covers from Anthropologie, but  moved past my lusting and into planning what I could do DIY. I got the idea to make a new cover for my duvet by using flat sheets. As it turns out, 2 of IKEA's cheapest flat sheets sewn into a pocket fit a full/queen duvet perfectly. This made my project significantly easier since all my edges were already finished for me! Hooray for being able to be lazy!

This is What I Did:

1. I started with the design on the top. I wanted to have a subtle nature-inspired pattern. I found inspiration in some eyelet lace ribbon that I had. It was $1 for the entire spool at my favorite discount fabric place. I liked that it was just a bit creamier than the natural white sheets. I laid out the sheet on my living room floor and I formed the lace ribbon it into a loose pattern of dandelions in seed. I made three large "dandelions" coming from one side of the sheet. I didn't want the pattern to be symmetrical and perfect in the least... more loose and flowy.

2. Once I got the pattern where I wanted it, I started forming it better using pins along the way to hold the ribbon in place. I used a lot of pins. This was tedious, but very necessary.

3. I then sewed the ribbon onto my sheet with my sewing machine. This was incredibly difficult with the machine I have. I think a quilters machine would have worked much better. But, because I had pinned the ribbon, I was able to accomplish this step without too many tears and no swearing (actually... I don't ever swear). I just went slowly and pretended to be a patient person temporarily.

4. After the top of my duvet cover was complete, I sewed the second sheet on top with right sides together. I left a large portion of one side open to be able to put the duvet inside.

5. The last step was to turn the cover right side out and stick it on my duvet.

I'm pleased that it is very neutral while having just the right amount of design to compliment the other features in the room.  You could use this method with any sheet. There are so many beautiful sheets out there... think of them all as options for a duvet cover, a curtain, or fabric for any project. They are usually a very reasonable price per yard. Have fun!

<3 Crystal

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