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Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Shabby Bedroom Series (Amateur Art) - Details that Bring it Together

The last thing I did in my bedroom is add the little touches that help me start and end my day on a good note. A large sign above my bed helps me remember to be AWESOME. I hung that up after my recent divorce and it is a good reminder. I made the sign with a $0.51 piece of wood, the yellow ooops paint, a sander, white contact paper that I had on hand, and Chelsea's cool Silhouette machine. It was one of the signs from the boutique that I decided to keep. I found out later that it's actually a quote from "How I Met Your Mother." Wherever it came from, it pushes me along on harder days.
The bird pictures are ones I found online and simply printed with colored ink. I actually took great effort to find birds that are native to this area. It helps me remember the beauty that surrounds me. I like that they look like they're from a birdwatching guide. I enjoy having something pretty to look at that brings happiness.
Other details in the room help to round out the design and fill in the gaps. I like my bedroom and I'm glad that it looks beautiful when it's cleaned up. I hope this little series has inspired you to refresh your room and make it a happy place for you!
<3 Crystal

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