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Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Shabby Bedroom Series (Storage Stands) - Night Stand Stand-in's

A nightstand is kind of a must. Where else are you going to put your watch and phone at the end of the day? My problem with traditional night stands in my bedroom is that there isn't a ton of space and a traditional nightstand does not provide very much function besides being a surface. In my bedroom I decided to make them do double duty. On one side of my bed I have a desk with drawers on either side. This is a place to study, take care of bills, and put things of importance that I need to take care of later. I also have a basket on top with some books within grabbing distance from my bed. Desktop accessories, such as flowers and a vintage perfume spritzer, add character and beauty to the room.
On the other side of the bed is a small dresser with drawers. This can be used to store anything, really. Currently it's housing diapers and wipes for when I don't want to go upstairs to change my baby's bum. On top of the dresser is a lamp for times when the ceiling light is just too much.
Both the desk and the dresser are painted in an "ooops" paint turquoise color that I just love. They are also distressed with the hand sander to add texture and depth. Even though the pieces are not a matching set, they balance the room because they are visually about the same "weight" and they are both the same color. The yellow flowers and the yellow lamp echo each other as well. So you see, a nightstand can be more useful than you might initially think. What furniture could you use as a night stand? Shop your house for pieces that just need a new coat of paint to refresh your room and add storage.
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